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4th of July Time-lapse

Here’s my first attempt at a time-lapse video.  It’s of the fireworks display at the 2010 Foster City, CA 4th of July celebrations. Shot on a Flip Mino HD from the 8th floor of the Parkside Towers building. There’s 20 minutes of footage speed up to 4x normal speed to create a 5 minute video. The video was edited using the open source video editor OpenShot. The song is titled The Storm Begins by Jennifer Haines and adds a nice effect to the video. Overall I’m quite happy with how it turned out, I hope you enjoy.

  • That's pretty damn cool!

    What up Flip Mino! I gotta pull mine out more often… but this is really cool, Mitch!
    It'd be extra effective if you could selectively slow it down in some places to let the big bang booms become more prominent, but… 20 minutes of fireworks is pretty legit. Props, SF.

  • Thanks D. man! Been a while since I got one of the videos from the Flip up, so I figured I never post it unless I did it the same night I shot it. Decided to go for a more artist approach on this one instead of my usually shaky-in-your-face cam 😉 I really like how the song works with it. Been meaning to start posting to Vimeo (instead of youtube) too, I could totally see someone with talent like you living it up over there.

    Ability to adjust the speed would be very cool, slow it down to like 1/4 speed for some boom's, and be able to zoom in would be cool too (but the video's not exactly quite THAT HD). Glad you liked it!

  • hackmanj

    Pretty cool Mitchell. How do you like your Flip camera? I started using mine and ended up going back to my HD Camcorder. It's not THAT much bigger. 🙂

  • Patrick

    wow! that was super cool! Very well done bro! We sure don't get that kind of quality fireworks out here hahaha
    how much editing goes into a video like this? There didn't seem to be any camera shaking at all which I was really impressed with!
    The song worked really well with it as well, especially at the very end!! Where did you hear the song?

  • Hey Joe, thanks for the comment. I love my Flip, what sold me on it is it's pocket size; I can carry it around with me since it's even smaller than my phone. Only thing I don't like is the lack of image stabilization, which putting it on this mini tripod managed to avoid but you aren't always in a situation you can do that. What kind of HD Camcorder are you using now?

  • hackmanj

    I have a Panasonic HDC-SD5PP I think we got it ~2 Christmases ago, maybe it was 3. It works pretty well. I use my Droid to take movies if I have nothing else. In fact I like to uStream stuff live, it's fun.

  • Thanks bro, the fireworks were a lot better in foster city than last year, huge turn out, most amount of people I've seen in Foster City, ever! Editing involved trimming the start and end of the video, I also had a reflection of the red record light off of the window the camera was look out that I had to edit out (you can hardly tell until you look really close that I edited it out), and I also had to chop up the song becaus it wasn't long enough.

    To be honest I can't even remember where I came across the song anymore. I had started off by googling “good songs for fireworks”, came up with a lot of classical, but I didn't really like it. I started watching other time-lapse videos and other videos over on vimeo, and one of them had this one in the background and I though the tempo of the keys almost lined up with the fireworks worked really well.