in Conversations Shutting Down

Sucks to see these guys shutting down, I was really into Amplify as a curation tool up till about a year ago. Their sister site is shutting down as well. Forbes acquired Clipmarks a couple years ago and created a spin off of the site as Amplify introduced me to the likes of Joe Hackman, Flavio, Louis Gray, Stefan Svartling, Jay Gilmore, Danny BrownPaisano, Mark Krynsky, Dave Yank and many others who I still follow on other social sites. As Amplify saw competition from micro-blogs like Posterous and Tumblr, and then later Google Plus and now Pinterest, the community slowly died off. Best of luck to Eric Goldstein, Dave Grossman and the rest of the Amplify team on their next venture.

  • You know where I think Amplify “lost its way”, Mitch? I think it was earlier last year that they started implementing UI changes and the way the community was using the service, and they didn’t listen to feedback that could have reversed the slide.

    It is a shame to see any startup – especially one with so much promise – go under. But maybe they can learn from their missteps, and build on that over at Clipboard? We can but hope, mate.

  • The UI changes you mentioned are when they put the 40 character limit titles right? It’s funny, as much of an uproar that created I didn’t care that much, I usually went for shorter titles anyway. It did notice it caused several of the lead posters left the service because Amplify wouldn’t budge on the matter.

    You mentioned “they can learn from their missteps, and build on that over at clipboard” but I was under the impression Clipboard didn’t acquire the Amplify team, it was simply an offer by the guys over at Clipboard they allow Amplify users the ability to import their history of Amplify clips into Clipboard’s service.

  • (delete this, please)

  • Mitchell, I’d say I personally fell away from Amplify as other tools have come along. I recently removed the plugin from Chrome as I found I just wasn’t using it enough. I like to share stories and ideas with folks and perhaps other tools will fill the gap.