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Nexus One $530 Unlocked, $180 With T-Mobile

So, as Gizmodo has reported, it appears Google isn’t selling an unlocked phone at the ridiculous price of $200 for which we once dreamed.

$530 no contract/unlocked? That’s actually pretty good considering a 3GS is $599/$699. They’re also selling it for less than Verizon does the Droid (sans contract).  It’s disappointing they didn’t toss in support for AT&T’s 3G bands, but it does support T-Mobile and World 3G frequencies.  Technically speaking it does offer the best display tech (available right now) with nearly the highest resolution on a mobile device.    It’s also the first phone to have a full speed Snapdragon inside.

Who will offer it in Canada? As noted by  Electronista, only new mobile competitor WIND Mobile (T-Mobile spectrum buddy) currently support the Nexus One’s 3G frequencies.

What’s your view on the fate of the Nexus One? Leave your feedback in the comments!