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What’s Coming in WordPress 3.0

WordPress 3.0 is projected to be released on May 1st, the same day as WordCamp San Francisco. Since I recently moved to San Francisco, I’m hoping to attend again this year!

Merge of WordPress + WordPress MU

WordPress MU is a similar platform to WordPress except it allows users to run multiple sites under one installation. is running on WordPress MU code base. Founder Matt Mullenweg announced the merge news during WordCamp San Francisco 2009 (I was there!)

What does this mean for you?

You can now have multiple sites in one installation. Say you have 10 different sites, you don’t need 10 different installations of wordpress. Particularly handy when upgrading. WordPress MU users will now be able to use all plugins without hacking them.

Search Across All Your Sites – If you do decide to have numerous sites under one install, cross network search would be a very handy outcome of this, it’s not in the core yet but it may be in the near future. You can use the plugin to make it work for now.


Custom Post Types

This feature will allow you to have different type of posts for example Portfolio listings, Products, and then Normal blog posts. Combining Post Types and Taxonomies will make WordPress a much more robust CMS option. Check out First Impression of WordPress Post Types by Frank of WPEngineer for more on this.

Better Navigation Menus

Custom Woo Navigation will be included to the core in this release in order to allow for better menu management. This menu system has the drag and drop ease of the widget management screen. It also allows the ability of re-ordering, along with submenus, and hiding specific Pages or Categories from the menu altogether. Kudos to Woo Staff for contributing this system to the core.


New Default Theme 2010

Bye Bye Kubrick Theme! Welcome 2010. WordPress 3.0 will come with a new default theme known as 2010. From this year on, the goal is to have a new theme for every year! Wondering what the new 2010 theme would look like? (Just click on the image below to see the live version.)

Custom Background Support

Kind of a twitter-background like feature. Support for custom background can be called by adding this line in your functions.php: add_custom_background();

You’ll see a screen in your admin panel to upload a custom background image which will replace the default grey background (only works on 2010 theme & others that support this feature for now).

Author Specific Templates

In WordPress 3.0, you can create specific templates for each author. The function get_author_template(); has been expanded in wp-includes/theme.php.You would be able to name files like author-syed.php.

Ability to Choose Username When Installing WordPress

As of now, WordPress automatically assigns the first user with the username “admin”. If you have read any articles on WordPress security, you know the importance of this feature. Now the hackers cannot guess your username because it will no longer be “admin”.

Canonical Plugins

Have you used a plugin that you loved, and the author stopped providing support. No bug fixes, no upgrades, and the plugin eventually breaks in newer versions. Canonical plugins are developed by a community instead of one developer, so if one person steps down, the plugin does not die. Using the open source development model basically.


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  • Oh! This is big!
    I love/hate knowing when it's going to come out… now I know I have to wait another 2 months.
    Looks like a pretty awesome update though, and hence why WordPress remains one of my favorite platforms.

  • I'm excited about these new features as well. I was planning on building out a portfolio section to my site and have been trying to figure out the easiest way to do it, so I'm looking forward to Custom Post Types. I'm also, constantly looking for a basic bare bones theme to work with, but kubrick has a pretty archaic look now, the new one is much more modern. Any features you were looking forward to that didn't make it into 3.0?

  • The big things that I'm excited most about are the multiple sites function, custom post types, and the ability to change the background (isn't a big deal, but it could be nice).
    I agree though, the new default theme is definitely a step up from what it's been stuck on for so many years. I'm bad at this though, sometimes I don't realize what I want(ed) until I have it.. I'll have to ponder over this.

  • Ooohhh…I'm loving the WordPress Mu and Canonical Plugins. Thanks for posting this. I am super excited for WP 3.0

  • As a big fan of open source development, and someone who's frequently upset when a good wp plug-in falls by the waste side, I'm looking forward to this Canonical plugin system as well. Just checked out your site Shevonne, like the Hamasaki theme. You've got a lot of great plugins in use there so I can see why your looking forward to the new plugin architecture as well! Thanks for the comment.

  • Endophage

    It’s not actually multiple sites… It’s multi-user (hence MU) blogs which have been a feature of Drupal for years. For example, you can’t manage and from the same wordpress admin, but you could manage and

    There is probably a way to manage different domains but that would likely require some hacking of the core which you obviously want to avoid, otherwise wordpress will have trouble generating correct URLs for the separate domains.