Syfy Releases Neverland Miniseries Trailer

October 23 2011, 3:23pm

From Emmy winning Producer Robert Halmi, Sr. comes this original prequel to the classic, Peter Pan. Now shooting in Italy and Ireland with a cast including Rhys Ifans (Pirate Radio, Notting Hill) as James Hook, Anna Friel (Pushing Daisies) as Captain Elizabeth Bonny, Oscar nominee Bob Hoskins as Smee (who previously played the character in Steven Spielberg's feature Hook!), Raoul Trujillo (Tin Man) and Charlie Rowe (Pirate Radio) as Peter Pan.

Neverland introduces us to a young lad named Peter and his street gang, who are mysteriously transported from London to an enchanting parallel world. In Neverland, no one ever ages and lost souls have been plucked out of time. The lost boys are soon caught in a war with the man who will become Captain Hook.