The V Motion Project - Music Through Movement

July 20 2012, 1:28am

The Motion Project combines the collective talents of musicians, dancers, programmers, designers and animators to create an amazing visual instrument. It uses the power of the Kinect to capture movement and translate it into music which is performed live and projected on a huge wall.

The Motion Project was a collaboration between a lot of clever creative people working together to create a machine that turns motion into music. The client of the project, Frucor (makers of V energy drink), have a history of creating incredible and over the top projects and events. Together with their agency Colenso BBDO, they kitted-out a warehouse space for this project to grow in and gathered together a group of talented people from a number of creative fields to collaborate together.

Jeff Nusz of Custom Logic breaks down how the project came to be, who was involved, and how it was built, in an awesome post about the Tech Behind The Motion Project.