SendTab - A 2cloud Alternative for iOS

September 25 2012, 6:22pm

I'm a big fan of 2cloud, I would send links daily from my phone using 2cloud to my desktop to continue reading/share once I was back on my computer. I recently switched from my android phone to an iPhone 5 and was really missing having 2cloud, a lot of people use Pocket or Instapaper for this purpose, but I rarely remember to check them when I'm back on my desktop.

Then I came across SendTab, it's "a handy way to send links from one screen to another". You can share both from computer to computer, and back and forth to your phone running android/iOS as well. They have a chrome extension, firefox plugin and the best part, a bookmarklet. This is important because iOS doesn't have the share-to-any-app feature that android does (iOS can only share content to apps Apple has picked). Which means in iOS you'd have to copy the link open the app you want to send the link to, then paste it into the app - lame. A bookmarklet gets around this problem.

I recently posted to on how to use the SendTab bookmarklet on iOS on :

Just use the bookmarklet provided for Firefox; right click on it, 'Copy Link Address' and then paste the line of javascript it copies in an email to yourself, open the email on your phone and copy the javascript, create a bookmark of any other page (eg., edit it and paste in javascript as the url instead, voila!

Sign up for free at, they also have an iOS app you can copy the links to for a more polished experience so support them and buy the app.