Real-time Personal Golf Game Tracking

October 22 2013, 6:51pm

Last time I was home (golf's big on PEI), my cousin Pat (Mech Engineer), brother-in-law Jeff (business guy) and I (programmer) were trying to think how we could automatically track our golf game we had just got back from. We were trying to figure out how we could put some kind of tracking in the golf balls, gps, or a camera system tracking color coded golf balls, etc.

I just saw John McGuire the founder of GAME GOLF present at On Deck West sports & tech conference while I was here to see Aaron present Blue. It's pretty smart, and so much simpler than what we were thinking. The golfer's got a device hooked up to his belt (which I assume is paired to your phone), when your about to hit the ball you tap your club (which has a NFC "tag" on it) against the device on your belt, then the next time you're up to hit you do the same thing, now the system knows from your GPS where you're at on the course and how far your last shot was, all without taking out your phone on the course. GOLF GAME will be available in Apple Stores soon for $200-$300.

GAME GOLF, backed by professional golfers Graeme McDowell and Lee Westwood, captures the golfers round and allows for a visual representation of the round and calculates a variety of statistics to give the golfer insights into their game such as club usage, fairways hit, greens in regulation, distances, etc. GAME GOLF also enables the golfer to view their game, and create a social media component where the golfer can share their round, compare to others, and compete with friends or colleagues across the country or world.