Replied to: What services do you happily pay for?

November 18 2014, 3:31am

Internet Services I pay for:
It takes a lot to get me to pay for an internet service, basically it takes there being no way around getting the content without it. I looked at others answers and (since domain/hosting is excluded) the only ones I could come up with was:

Playstation Plus $50/year
Hockey Streaming (not GameCenter, like TgD, lol): $110/year
Total: $160/year

Ones I’ve Paid For In The Past:
Xbox Live

My Justification For Not Paying For Some:
Netflix - I’m using my friends (after using it for a while though, it’s something I’d def pay for if I lost access)
Amazon Prime - I’ve never had a hard time getting to $30 to get the free shipping, and I can wait the 5-7 business days.
Feedly Pro - I love RSS and I love the Feedly mobile app, but there just isn’t a Pro feature that’s pushed me over the edge to pay for it yet (though the speed boost is tempting).
Dropbox Pro - I’ve gotten enough referral/bonus I don’t need it.