Modestep – Machines [Music Video]

May 26 2015, 1:30pm

I’ll admit I don’t feel like I get to post much Rock on BTC (Pat does a better job covering that genre in my mind), though I feel like that’s partially because the rock industry moves so much slower than the rap and dance scene. That being said, every once in a while I’ll come across a rock track like this that strikes a cord with me. Modestep‘s new music video for their new single Machines is one of those times. The reason for this might have to be do with Modestep’s unique genre-bridging sound, their known as a dubstep and electronic rock band. Machines is their first single for their upcoming new album London Road, due out today! What’s really cool is they’ve had their whole London Road album available for streaming on SoundCloud for the last week, leading up to the launch, go give it a listen. You might recongize Modestep from their 2011 dubstep singles Sunlight and Feel Good, and their 2013 single Another Day (Remix).Download: iTunes, Amazon