Nyzzy Nyce - Get Me High & My Car Music Videos

December 2 2015, 1:18pm

Nyzzy Nyce has released a new music video “Get Me High” for his upcoming mixtape, “Lettin' Go” out December 16th. I’m kind of surprised he’s doing another mixtape, which will mean the songs will probably be free, which is crazy because he’s definitely putting out album worthy songs/videos, and everyone’s waiting for his rumored debut EP “Lost in Paris” but there’s no word on release date yet. A week ago he released another music video “Wait Uh Minute” for the upcoming mixtape that wasn’t as good, but it’s worth a mention.Last month he dropped the music video for “My Car”, which was one of my favorite tracks off his “Lost In Los Angeles” mixtape. Another great music video from that mixtape was This Right Here. You can get a free download of the song below, and any other song off the mixtape, here: http://bit.ly/nyzzylostinla.