Re: PhpStorm 2018.3 Early Access Program is Open

October 23 2018, 8:16am

PHPStorm is not automatically turning on the inspection for PHP CS Fixer, or setting it to correct standard. What causes PHPStorm to scan composer.json for "scripts" to enable the inspection?

I have "Syncronize IDE settings with composer.json" turned on and the composer executable path is set. PHP Storm is able to validate install path for PHP CS Fixer. In attempts to get PHPStorm to scan the composer.json scripts section I have run composer install and update from dropdowns and confirmed my composer scripts has the same key and format as that in the screenshot above. I have PHP Storm 2018.3 EAP up-to-date. I have tried the same thing with phpcs in a different codebase and it as well does not automatically turn on the inspection or set it to PSR2. And I have tried restarting PHP Storm after toggling several of these settings on and off.