Paris 26 Gigapixels: World Largest Image!

March 12 2010, 11:52pm

Below is a preview of the Paris 26 Gigapixels image. It is impossible not to marvel with the 26 Giga Pixels of Paris. The photo was made by gluing 2345 individual photos and has a total resolution of 354,159 x 75,570 pixels. Paris 26Gigapixels was shot with 2 Canon 5D Mark II's each with a 300 mm f4.0 with a tele converter in order to get a 600mm / f8.0 needed to beat the record, mounted on a custom-made panoramic head.

How awesome would this be for a real-world game of "Where's Waldo?"! Visit the project's website to explore the image through their interactive interface: